Profession of Arms Center of Excellence
Airmen at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, are part of an elite team that serve on a global stage. Working with nuclear capable assets like the Stratofortress and Minuteman III, is an awesome responsibility. When you arrive at Minot, you not only become a member of the elite team ... but you become family. Never forget that only the best come North. Video voiced by Mr. Michael Morris.
This video inspires airmen to understand how the Regular, Reserve and National Guard airmen comprise a team of one to accomplish the complex missions required of the Air Force to keep our country safe. It reminds airmen about their core values, oath, and creed to be the best airman they can be to support their fellow airmen regardless if they are full or part time.
We’re Air Force pilots, air battle managers, and weapon systems officers. Every day we put our lives on the line defending our airspace and training the next generation of pilots. But we do so with the confidence that our preparation, our experience, and the bond we share makes the U.S. Air Force second to none in the world.
Not all Airmen are fighter pilots. In fact, most aren’t. A lot of the men and women supporting the Air Force mission may never touch an aircraft. They aren’t what most people would think of as heroes. And they would never call themselves that. But when their fellow Airmen need someone to go above and beyond… We’ll say it for them: they’re heroes.
The ‘Driving Force – Maintainers’ pays tribute to aircraft maintenance Airmen and focuses on the dedication and culture of the more than 100,000 Total Force flight line warriors serving today. This video is designed to inspire Airmen through stories of Air Force heritage linked to current real-world Air Force operations. Master Sgt. James Weeks, the Superintendent, Maintenance Management School at Air Education and Training Command headquarters is the voice behind the recording.