Values: Waypoints to Success

Values: Waypoints to Success  

Interactive lesson for at least 10 people but no more than 30

Objective: Understand the importance of our values and where they fit within the organization, how they help us achieve our life goals, and where we are making investments toward our overall character.

This lesson is an exploration of personal and organizational values using PowerPoint and experiential exercises.  A Leader Guide accompanies the lesson and contains detailed guidance/support to adequately prepare anyone to execute the lesson. 

During the first 60 minutes the lesson intends to assist Airmen with living congruently by living their Core Values. Topics include values in our relationships, ethics and values, and values-based living. Participants will experience a personal values journey in which they will complete four exercises that gradually move them toward confirming or discovering their personal values. The final 30 minutes is designed to help them understand how personal Core Values affect decision making and how their values fit into the organization’s values. The end state is to recognize values/beliefs, create purpose/meaning, and amplify committed action to unit mission.

You will need to download and save all supporting documents for lesson execution (See "Supporting Documents")


Supporting Documents