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Building Connections

AFMC Connect is an initiative to focus on building relationships. AFMC is investing in our collective success by providing the time, tools, and resources to enhance personal and professional performance. This multi-faceted initiative is integrating a shared message across the command, while giving time and autonomy back to squadrons.  

AF Gaming Esports is a community based gaming organization comprised of the world’s greatest Airmen.The aim is to recruit the leaders of tomorrow, retain the Airmen of today, and strengthen each wingman's resilience through friendship, accountability, and mentorship. 

The Bridge from ACC is meant to Connect People and Strengthen Units and Communities. The Bridge consolidates resources to help Airmen and Guardians find reliable information for challenging personal and professional issues quickly. 

Dragon Chat is built around small core discussion groups (15 people or less, once a month, every month for an hour) that incorporate a way for all Airmen to connect with one another, support the mission, heritage, and our Core Values. When we get to know one another as individuals and team members we all benefit. 

Five Minutes to Thrive is exactly what it sounds like, focusing on how we adapt to change in our lives influenced by numerous internal and external factors, while recognizing that we have tools at our disposal that can help us live purposefully as each new day presents opportunities to adapt and overcome challenges placed on our paths.  

Mental Fitness Obstacle Course takes the first step in the critical self-awareness self-improvement journey examining not only when you are under stress, but how you cope, and how you can improve for the future. You are a member of the greatest Air Force on earth and you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you that you can be, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Operation Grit (from USAFE-AFARICA) is a holistic approach for connecting, Airmen, heritage, and the mission. A foundational component of this initiative is the monthly “Check 6” discussions guided by leaders and supervisors at every level during their normal routine workflow. Discussions center on key topics that strategically align resilience and prevention focus areas, by-law training requirements, personal/professional development, and Core Values.

SOAR is a teen centered outreach, developed at Edwards AFB, to help encourage social interaction and create peer-to-peer support systems for teens with the goal of suicide prevention. SOAR is currently for ages 13-18 and meets once a month. Teens pick what activities they’re passionate about and do them as often as they want together To find out more visit the SOAR Facebook page: @SOAR Edwards or email at: 

Team Talks is a program pre-designed to allow leaders to have facilitated, open, and transparent communications with their Airmen with little to no preparation. The prepared questions allow even the most introverted leader the ability to lead a discussion that promotes communication and understanding on a monthly basis. Tools provide quotes, ice-breakers, exploration Q/As, helping agency contacts, and optional add-ons.  

Who is Your Person? This short, simple exercise proved deeply meaningful to team Vance for uniformed and civilian Air and Space Professionals. Regardless of rank or position, you have or will face tough times or encounter challenges and obstacles – but no one has to face them alone.