Profession of Arms Center of Excellence
Nobody understands the term sacrifice more than Air Force family members. This video highlights environments our families deal with on a daily basis and allows you to reflect on those moments that are bigger than oneself.
The Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence will be realigning under, and relocating to, Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, this summer.
From World War II through the Cold War and right up to today, one part of USAFE-AFAFRICA’s mission has never changed: Freedom. Voiced by Capt. Henry Hahm, this video honors those who have come before us; and the men and women who serve today on foreign soil. Aim High, Airman.
In Air Force Global Strike Command, we are not just our nation's sword, we are our nation's sword and shield. Everybody has a hand in the mission and it takes every piece to complete a puzzle. Voiced by Col. (ret.) Tim MacGregor, this video celebrates the men and women who support the Global Strike mission.
The ‘Driving Force – Maintainers’ pays tribute to aircraft maintenance Airmen and focuses on the dedication and culture of the more than 100,000 Total Force flight line warriors serving today. This video is designed to inspire Airmen through stories of Air Force heritage linked to current real-world Air Force operations. Master Sgt. James Weeks, the Superintendent, Maintenance Management School at Air Education and Training Command headquarters is the voice behind the recording.

Personal Mission Statment

Personal mission statements help you focus on how to meet long-term goals, serve as a guidepost for where you want to go in life, and are an important component of self-development.