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Each Video in the Heritage Today series is linked to the Air Force Core Values and is designed to inspire and promote critical thinking and group discussion. It also links Airmen through stories of Air Force heritage connected to current, real-world operations.  

The series includes heritage, major command, Portraits in Courage and identity videos. The library to the right includes all available videos by category. Click on the arrow next to the title to download the discussion guide and script. You can also find a list of Printable Posters below.

Heritage Today - Culture of Connectedness
Video by Billy Barth
Sept. 13, 2022 | 3:47
Their names may not end up in history books, but their accomplishments made us who we are today. They’re the ones who inspired, motivated, and helped us get through life’s toughest moments. And it’s safe to say we’ve been through a lot.

Commanders, Senior NCOs, First-Line Supervisors, First Sergeants, Key Spouses, Chaplains.

You may also simply know them as the people who always have the best stories, who give you a laugh when you need one most, or as someone who’s kept us close, even when we had no choice but to be apart. You may know them as a friend. Or even family. From the shoulder-to-shoulder support they bring to the front lines to the solace they provide behind the scenes, their commitment to care for each other is on a human level. And they’ll go beyond orders and above their call of duty to get it done.

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