The Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE) was deactivated on 1 Oct 22 but many of the products created by PACE are still available for use.  The Leadership & Innovation Institute (LII) at Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, was a partner to PACE and is active in a continuum of leadership education.  The LII offers some leadership workshops virtually and also hosts some of PACE's legacy content.
More information can be found at the LII website:


Personal Mission Statements

Personal mission statements help you focus on how to meet long-term goals, serve as a guidepost for where you want to go in life, and are an important component of self-development. The purpose of writing a personal mission statement is to look inward and self-reflect about your life, clarify your purpose in life, and identify what is truly important to you. This lesson can be completed in large or small groups, or individually. You will need to download and save the supporting documents for lesson execution (See "Supporting Documents"). 

Supporting Documents