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Mutual Respect

This PACESetter provides a guide for leaders in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force at any level, to initiate critical thinking and group discussion/interaction on the topics of age, ethnic, religion, rank, and sex discrimination within the Air and Space Forces. All leaders will be able to drive home the importance of showing mutual respect to everyone.

Air Force Core Values are built on a foundation that includes and requires mutual respect. Mutual respect is the concern for the dignity of a person as a fellow human being. To build on this foundation, we must foster an environment where we can work together to successfully reach a common goal, in an atmosphere where all members are valued for their individuality and self-worth.

In the Air and Space Force team, each generation of men and women inspire and encourage the next to aim even higher and to carry our values further. For our Air and Space Forces to aim higher, mutual respect must be at the forefront in what we do and how we live in the Profession of Arms. It must shape the way we honor one another and our country.


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