What Now, Airman?

What Now, Airman?

There are video modules that are geared toward a specific audience (Squadron commanders, First Term Airmen, etc.) and may address three to six ethical topics recently faced or currently being faced by the target audience of that module. There are also individual video scenarios created for a more generic or heterogeneous audience that might be more suitable for your needs. Current ethical topics include unprofessional relationships, use of social media, sharing of prescription drugs, sexual harassment/assault, misuse of power/position, cheating/academic integrity, personal financial management, use/misuse of alcohol, and acceptable/unacceptable use of racial titles. 

 Each ethical topic will be addressed from five to six perspectives/characters. The central character introduces the ethical dilemma he/she is facing and the other characters will present the perspectives of, for example, his/her supervisor, co-worker, spouse, First Sergeant, Judge Advocate, etc. 

 The What Now modules are intended to spark conversation and discussion among the targeted audiences, as facilitated by the facilitator, thereby organically bringing about a resolution in line with AF Core Values.

The five goals of any What Now, Airman? lesson is to:

  1.  Enhance Airmen’s professional development through discussion of targeted ethical areas.
  2. Promote discussion and provide decision-making opportunities based on ethical/moral dilemmas in a facilitated forum.
  3. Strengthen Airmen’s ability to connect Air Force Core Values with mission accomplishment.
  4. Foster habits of mind that lead to moral courage and ethical judgment.
  5. Foster mental agility, adaptive behavior, and diversity of thought.

Sample Videos

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