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Exporting Enhancing Human Capital

Objective: Guide facilitators in the delivery of lessons that help to better understand how we can become better people with healthy relationships. Witnessing an Enhancing Human Capital presentation is desirable but not mandatory to be able to use the lessons.

Lesson concepts are taught via video featuring Dr. Jeff Smith, author of EHC, with facilitated discussion and activities led by an Exportable EHC (EEHC) user/leader/facilitator. Users can pick and choose modules and/or individual lessons, depending on desired outcomes. Topics include:

  • Connecting Values to Mission
  • Professionalism
  • Thinking About Thinking
  • Human Behavior
  • Communication 
  • Personal Bias
  • Gutting Up

Materials include a detailed Leader Guide, Participant Guide and 17 videos. Materials are controlled and a user agreement is required before materials are released. 



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