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Where Do I fit In?

Target Audience: Total Force

This exercise demonstrates how we all fill a need in the Air Force. Without which the entire Air Force would suffer if those positions were left unfilled for an extended period of time. We need to capitalize on our diversity! This exercise draws upon individual perspectives to complete a drawing -- one part of a whole (C-17) and then work in a group to form the larger picture. Another aspect that can be included in this exercise is how well the end result resembles the goal of a task.

Supporting Documents:

Execution Guide

Team Building Exercise C-17 Slides

Team Building Worksheet C-17 Puzzle

Commander's Call

Target Audience: Squadron commanders and above

As a Total Force, we have experienced Commander's Calls but seldom understand what goes on behind the proverbial “curtain.” By allowing unit members to coordinate and run a Commander’s Call (to include the topics presented), those involved will get to see what goes into the planning and gain a sense of ownership and empowerment. This works best with well-established processes and can be employed at any level with any unit type function.

Clubs: Engaging Interest
Target Audience: Total Force

This PACEsetter is designed to increase commitment, loyalty, and trust by creating an environment that supports everyone’s values and promotes a culture of camaraderie, teamwork, and leadership at all levels. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base developed the program, "Make it Better," where they have empowered Airmen to create and manage "clubs" of varying hobbies. This promotes a sense of community and gets people involved.

Escape Room
Target Audience: Squadron Commander and above

Mix together puzzles, immersive environments and team-building exercises and you have the recipe for an Escape Room. Not only are Escape Rooms fun, they also provide a controlled problem-solving environment where teams must collaborate to solve a series of problems. Teams can use Escape Rooms as a way to build communication and problem-solving skills, while gaining a better understanding of team dynamics and leadership tendencies. To avoid the cost of an offsite event, units can create Escape Rooms within their own work spaces. 


Mobile App Scavenger Hunt

Target Audience: Total Force

Encourage collaboration, enhance team building, and foster a greater connection with local community in an interactive and mobile environment. Take advantage of mobile device technology and advancements and find a mobile scavenger hunt app and turn it into a team-building event. Teams complete missions by taking photos and videos, often resulting in fun and hilarious results. Example challenges include: group arm wrestling contests, dance numbers, singing to strangers, finding obscure landmarks in the local area. Remember, it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it!

Notes to a Commander
Target Audience: Unit Airmen

A tool for commanders to learn more about their people. This PACEsetter enhances appreciation, fosters teamwork and instills individual identity. Airmen provide personal information for the commander. This helps commanders gain insight into another person’s life and shows a sense of caring. When a member visits the commander’s office, the commander’s administrative assistant or support staff hand the visitor an index card. Visitors annotate anything about themselves unknown by the commander on the card and post it to the bulletin board when entering the office. 

Teambuilding Exercises


Target Audience: Total Force 
Teambuilder PACEsetters are designed to put a select group of people into a simulated scenario in order to help the individuals grow closer together and identify as a team. PACE has 9 different Teambuilders for you to choose from.

1. Blind Site - Teams of 4 or 5 must elect a leader and then erect a tent to gain shelter from an approaching blizzard. As a result of the severe conditions, the Team's leader is suffering from frost bite on both hands and is unable to physically help. Meanwhile the rest of the team is suffering from snow blindness and as a result cannot see.

2. Bomb Shelter - A nuclear bomb is inbound and people are evacuating to a bomb shelter with a limited capacity. The team must decide who gets to stay in the bomb shelter and who gets to face certain death.

3. Frost Bite - Your teams are arctic explorers travelling across the frozen landscape when a sudden storm hits and the team must build an emergency shelter to survive.

4  Lost at Sea - Your team is given a set number of items to rank in order of importance that will help ensure your survival while lost at sea.

5. Paper Towel - Build a paper tower out of a single sheet of paper. The tallest structure wins.

6. Push the Button - Involves deciding to preemptively launch nuclear weapons on an enemy that has already “nuked” a city of another country who did not meet their demands. 

7. Q Words - In this activity, your team is given a short amount of time to write a list of as many words that begin with the letter “Q” as they can. 

8. Star Quest - Your team is tasked to recover nuclear materials from a downed aircraft with enemy forces rapidly approaching.

9. Toxic Waste - Your team is tasked to neutralize toxic waste before it reaches critical mass and explodes causing tremendous damage to people and facilities.