Relationship Building


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Honorary Commander Program

Target Audience: Commanders

The Air Force has a responsibility to establish and maintain personal contact with local civic leaders in order to increase public awareness and develop community partnerships. The Honorary Commander's Program is an Air Force program that can be used to meet this objective; and create one-on-one opportunities to inform and educate local community leaders about the missions of the U.S. Air Force and your local installation.

Tough Times Talk

Target Audience: Commanders at all levels

Challenging situations require leaders to be prepared to discuss the social, emotional and psychological aspects of handling a tough situation or time period in their organization. Challenge yourself with the "what if" drill:  What if someone is critically injured on the job? What if someone is fatally injured?  What if an Airman doesn't return to work Monday -- or ever? Have a plan to avoid improvising. Prepare now before you are faced with a tragic event. Familiarize yourself with items that may be discussed based on the situation.

TSBT Model

Target Audience: Total Force

One powerful way to drive results in your team is to reinforce the right behaviors. The TSBT Feedback Model is an “industry-standard” tool that helps leaders be confident in their ability (and responsibility) to deliver immediate positive feedback on the good things happening every day. It helps elevate a leader’s focus beyond reactive problem-solving to proactive team building. Practice walking through the model's four steps in daily conversations to increase trust in your teams.

Walk with Me

Target Audience: Leaders at all Levels

Foster and build better professional relationships with the individuals in your organization. Take every opportunity to have someone walk with you and get to know them. Building good relationships enables you to have greater influence which in turn will shape the perceptions of your personnel and ultimately drive desired behavior. Better relationships can be engineered by leaders -- whether you're walking from the aircraft to the crew bus following a sortie, or from the squadron to the wing building for a weekly staff meeting, these and other similar moments should be seen as opportunities to get to know your people.

Wingman Sorties

Target Audience: Leaders at all Levels

Bolster the confidence of Airmen and Civilians while fostering stronger relationships of trust. The term, "Wingman,"is a promise,a pledge and a commitment between Airmen. Leaders should deliberately engineer opportunities to act as a Wingman within their organization.