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Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Target Audience: Mid-level Managers

Recognize squadron team members for activities they do that may otherwise go unnoticed. Individuals can be recognized in various ways such as using a poker chip. Squadron members can purchase the chip to recognize anyone within the squadron as a "thank you."

Above and Beyond Cards
Target Audience:  Leaders at all levels

Recognize outstanding performance and offer a reward people really want--time off.  Commanders, superintendents and first sergeants can hand out an unlimited number of cards. The card should say why the individual is receiving it should only be redeemed with the unit commander. The benefits of this being a commander’s program is that key leaders look for “good stuff” and recognize it, and it provides personal interaction between personnel which ultimately builds trust.

Letter Home

Target Audience:  Leaders at all levels

Those instances when you're “extra” proud of one of your Airmen become perfect opportunities to share their good news. Send a letter to an Airman’s family explaining why their son or daughter is such an instrumental part of the organization. Make the memento extra special by including a photo of yourself and the Airman together. A sample letter is provided.   

Make Special Events Special
Target Audience:  Leaders at all levels


Recognize special events to ensure your people feel valued and appreciated. This is important, and recognition will reinforce the importance of good relationships. A special event in an individual’s life can include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, child birth, etc.  Each of these moments evoke emotions and feelings, reinforcing the human aspect of life within every organization.

Note to an Airman

Target Audience: Leaders at all levels

Foster and support the Airmen in your organization and show them their actions have been noticed and appreciated. Send a hand-written "thank you" note to one of your Airmen.  Make the personalized note extra memorable by including a one-day pass and/or award them with a coin. Be sure to include in the note what they did to go the extra mile.

Own it

Target Audience: Leaders at all levels 

Empower a sense of ownership and pride for one’s work environment. Much like the tradition of a crew chief's name on their aircraft, a similar display of pride exists in academic environments. Many schoolhouses and professional development centers have instructors’ names proudly displayed outside their classroom. Some even have plaques with more detail about the instructors and their stories. This pattern reinforces the principle that instructors are educators and leaders (each transform individuals to be better), and leaders own the environment. 


Three Slides

Target Audience: Total Force 

Foster a sense of importance and belonging in your organization by allowing people to share their personal story via a three-slide presentation. The presentation requires very little time and is framed around three important attributes of the person:  those near and dear to them, where they grew up, and where they want to be in five years. This PACEsetter will help achieve two primary responsibilities of accomplishing the mission and caring for people.