The Art of Leading Oneself

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Capt Sarah Evans

Professionalism is the art of leading oneself. This video is about Sarah, a cancer survivor and former Airman. People around Sarah gave her the strength to deal with her illness. Her testimony is about always being an Airman. Being in the Air Force and using the qualities of being an Airman helped her meet her cancer “mission” head on.



    Capt Ryan McGuire

Professionalism is about learning to lead oneself - it’s not what you do, but how you do it. In this video, Capt McGuire’s tells his story of how he overcame a significant obstacle, losing his leg, to be a pilot in the Air Force.



TSgt Melinda Hayes

Professionalism is about learning to lead oneself; it’s not what you do, but how you do it! It describes who we are as a service; how we conduct ourselves and live our lives. In this video TSgt Hayes, a Basic Military Training Instructor, tells her personal story of how she led herself, guided by Air Force Core Values and her personal commitment, to become the successful Airman and leader she is today.