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Amn Moses Alexander graduated Basic Military Training and Security Forces Technical School in 2016.  During his time in the Air Force, Amn Moses has scored a 92 on his initial DPE and set the bar for his peers.  He has assisted with many volunteer opportunities in the local community and within his assigned wing.  He was hand selected for two notable TCPs.  One being for former CMSAF #17 and the other in response for an F-16 crash.   In March of this year, Amn Alexander was providing security at the front gate of his assigned installation.  He encountered multiple incidents where he was confronted by individuals not having the proper access information to enter the base.  He acted swiftly with unfettered integrity and devotion to duty while remaining calm displaying the highest military bearing.  This is something that many of our defenders do every day.  He represents the thousands of warriors that protect our Air Force families.    Amn Alexander was recently coined by his squadron CC for excellence.  Since the day that he joined he has set his sight on serving 20 years in our Air Force.  He is following in the footsteps of his aunt and uncle who have been successful in guiding him to where he is today.  Amn Alexander, “thanks for serving!”

   MSgt Brian Potvin began his career in the United States Air Force on 24 August 1994.  He is the NCOIC, NMCC Communications for the National Military Command Center's Operations Team 2.  In this capacity, he leads a team of 9 Joint Service personnel.  In previous assignments, he was on the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's communications team, and served as the Communications Adviser to T. Michael Moseley, the 18th Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  He writes a monthly leadership newsletter entitled "Judgment, Experience, and Training Fuel", or "JET Fuel".  The newsletter encompasses many facets of leadership, and is disseminated to hundreds of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and DoD Civilians.  MSgt Potvin is a firm believer that we all have an impact on the people we encounter everyday.  "It's up to us as individuals to decide whether that impact will be a positive or negative one,"  says MSgt Potvin.  "I choose to make a positive impact as much as I can.  I hope that JET Fuel helps someone in their life or career."

TSgt Salome N. Douglas graduated Basic Military Training and subsequently Traffic Management Technical School in 2006.  During her time in the Air Force, TSgt Douglas has successfully accomplished the duties of a myriad of positions: Unit Fitness Monitor, Fire Marshall Safety Monitor, Building Custodian, and Physical Training Leader. In the short amount of time she has been at Yokota AB, she has made a profound impact on the installation. She devoted her off duty time to be a part of two events that has strengthened the bilateral relationship between the United States and Japan: Friendship Festival (hosting 185,000 local nationals) and the Frost Bite Run (hosting 10,000 local nations). She has been elected as the Booster Club President for her Squadron. She has also stepped up to become a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate for her installation. Her efforts led her to be designated as the Joint Personal Property Office Mid-Atlantic, Ft Belvoir, VA, Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter (multiple times) and NCO of the Year for 2015.  As a leader, she has been entrusted to supervise Junior Enlisted, Middle Tier Enlisted, and Civilian personnel. As a mentor, she has nurtured many future leaders. Three of her mentees have gone on to win MAJCOM level awards. Her leadership and stellar work ethic was recognized by her designation as the 2016 Joint Personal Property Shipping Office Noncommissioned Officer of the Year. 




Ms. Priscilla Griego began her Air Force career at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico on 31 December 1956 as an office clerk.  When she started in 1956, she used a manual typewriter and she was very proficient.  She could type 90 words a minute and was also able to take shorthand notes at 120 words per minute.  She worked in multiple offices at Kirtland AFB from 31 December 1956 to 31 December 1994.  When she retired from Civil Service in 1994, she was offered a position with a local contractor supporting the Kirtland mission and worked from 10 January 1995 until 31 Jan 2008 where she retired from full time employment.  Ms. Griego was married in 1959 and has five children, 17 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  In total, she has served the US Air Force over 52 years.  She currently stays occupied with a part time job for the same contractor and has been working in this position since November 2009.

Ms. Christine Martinez is the Special Projects Officer to the Executive Director, Air Force Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field, Florida.  In 2003 and while attending college full time, Ms. Martinez worked in a part-time GS-4 position at Ramstein, Germany.  A year later, she was promoted to a full-time GS-6  civil servant employee.  Later in Florida, Ms. Martinez worked as a secretary for five years in a squadron, then a group, and then a directorate before transitioning into the manpower career field. It's there she excelled and moved from a GS-5 to a GS-12 in just 5 years. Equally impressive, last year she was selected for an 18-month career broadening position working for the Executive Director, Air Force Special Operations Command.  Ms. Martinez explains so well, "The Air Force provides it's Airmen and families with an environment they can grow and prosper.  No matter where you come from, the Air Force is a place we can all come together and be one family." Ms. Martinez holds a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. 


  1st Lieutenant Esther Willett enlisted in the Air Force in November 2007. After completing Basic Military Training and Security Forces Technical Training at Lackland Air Force Base, she served as a Defender at Malmstrom Air Force Base from 2008-2009. While there, Lieutenant Willett finished her Community College of the Air Force degree in Criminal Justice. Then in May 2009, she was given an opportunity to attend the United States Air Force Academy. While at the United States Air Force Academy, she majored in Foreign Area Studies with a focus on Africa and the Middle East and minored in Arabic and French. When she graduated in 2013, she went to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs to earn her Masters in Counseling and Leadership. Her first officer assignment as a Public Affairs Officer was to Andrews Air Force followed by an assignment at the Air Force District of Washington for the next two years. Lieutenant  Willett is headed to FE Warren June 2016 to be their Chief of Public Affairs.  She has had a significant influence in championing professionalism efforts while stationed at Andrews AFB, MD.

Master Sergeant Jennifer Martinez is the 45th Space Wing Career Assistance Advisor and Professional Enhancement Program Manager at Patrick Air Force Base. She provides career assistance and retraining counseling to Active Duty Air Force enlisted personnel and leads professional enhancement courses.  She has inspired new strategies in the delivery of workshops to transform organizations into highly effective teams by maximizing human capital.  Master Sergeant Martinez equips leaders by utilizing principles and practices utilized by the #1 Leadership and management expert,  John C.Maxwell, and other renowned leadership resources to be successful in their careers.  "The 45th Space Wing Professional Enhancement programs would not be as successful without the support and inspiration of my leadership and team; 45th Space Wing Commander General Wayne Monteith, 45th Space Wing Command Chief Jason Lamoureux, Superintendent, 45th Mission Support Group, Joshua Drake, 45th Force Support Squadron Commander, Major Paul Somers, Chief, Force Development, Mr. Glenn Smith, Civilian Force Development Specialist, Ms. Tiffany Cruz, and Mission Support Group staff to include, Master Sergeant Karla Macey, Technical Sergeant Trisha Cook and Technical Sergeant Jacob Sargent.  It is a privilege to serve and inspire people to reach the next level of their calling as leaders" -MSgt Martinez   

  Mr. Gilbert J. Montoya, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Director of Logistics, Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio Randolph, Texas. In 1985, Mr. Montoya started his Air Force career as a WG-5 aircraft ordnance system mechanic at Aircraft Production Division, Kelly AFB, Texas. According to Mr. Montoya, “During my thirty-years in the Air Force, I’ve worked with countless dedicated individuals from all walks of life. Throughout my career, no one has worked for me - they work with me.” - Mr. Montoya 

Ms. Antoinette Davis began her Air Force career in 2010, during her second year of college. She started as a GS-4 and is a GS-12 today as a Contracting Specialist with the Air Force Installation Contracting Agency at JBSA-Randolph. "I realize that my actions directly affect my coworkers, my unit, the Air Force and my family and I do not ever want to be 'the one' who lets people and the mission down." - Ms. Davis   



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PACEsetters represent a variety of tools for use in developing yourself as well as your fellow Airmen in all aspects of professionalism in the Profession of Arms. PACEsetters with interactive items (i.e. music) must be downloaded to your hard drive in order to work properly.

Above and Beyond Cards

AF Family
Parenting Assist

AF Family

Airmen Powered Learning


Case Studies in Character Development

CC Call

CGO & NCO Cross-Talk

CGO Think Tank

Chain of Command

Civilian Think Tank

Clubs: Engaging Interests

Commander for a Day

Escape Room

First 60 Days

Focus Groups

Get to Know Your Airmen

Honorary Commander Program

Leadership Transitions

Letter Home

Little Blue Book

Local Heroes

Make Special Events Special

Meaning of the Air Force Symbol

Mission-Vision-Values Card

NCO Think Tank

Note to an Airman

Notes for a Commander

Organic Leadership Development

Own It!


Personal Mission

Promotion Leadership Book

Put Commander Back in Flt/CC

Quote Corner

Respect & Recognition

Retreat, Reveille, & Taps Heritage

Scavenger Hunt

Self Talk

Speed Mentoring


Blind Site

Bomb Shelter

Frost Bite

Lost At Sea

Paper Tower

Push The Button

Q Words

Star Quest

Toxic Waste

Terrain Walk

The Circle of Safety

The US Flag

The Challenge Coin

Three Slides

Tough Times Talk

TSBT Model

Walk With Me

Wingman Sorties


The Military Salute
The Enlistment Oath

The Civilian Oath
The Airmen's Creed

The Coin Challenge

The Officer Oath

The Enlistment Oath (ANG) 
The Officer Oath (ANG)

Oath Ceremony Script 
Oath Wallet Cards

Book Reviews




















Civilian Toolbox

Civilian Developmental Education (CDE) Nomination Handbook


The development and leadership programs offered through CDE prepare future leaders with the skills to meet both corporate Air Force and functional leadership requirements. This is accomplished by selecting the right person at the right time for the right training and putting that training to work in an appropriate follow-on assignment. We must encourage civilians to continue in self-development as the Air Force works to increase the leadership potential of our most important resource—our people.

Civilian Recognition

The tools below are designed to help senior leaders recognize civilian Airmen accomplishments with an official ceremony.  These ceremonies provide fellow Airmen the opportunity to see the important roles civilians accomplish to meet Air Force mission requirements.  These events provide the civilian Airman the opportunity to identify themselves as an Airman first. These tools are not intended to be all inclusive, nor replace regulatory guidance, but provide most frequently used recognition information.

Civilian Promotion Script (pdf)                                   Civilian Oath of Office (Trifold)

Civilian Promotion/Retirement Checklist (pdf)         Civilian Oath of Office Wallet Cards

SMW Promotion/Retirement Request (pdf)


Promotion Ceremony Photos

 Dr Jeffrey Smith, Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE) Executive Director,
reaffirms the Oath of Office during Mr. Richard Ryan’s promotion ceremony. 
Ms. Fran Ryan fastens the civil service pin on her husband, 
Richard Ryan, during his promotion ceremony.

Use this AFI to assist with determine what requirements are supported for promotion/retirement ceremonies.


Use this AFI to assist the requirements to recognize your civilian Airmen for outstanding contributions/achievements



Benchmarks are products provided by our partners in professionalism across the Air Force.  If you have a product that you think is worthy of being a benchmark, please contact us at Email: aetc.pace.projectmgtworkflow@us.af.mil or Phone: 210-652-6616/8283/4075/8918/5234 (DSN 487).


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