"[EHC inspired me] to bring out the best in people, intellectually, physically, and emotionally and being given the opportunity to help shape and mentor “human beings” not just Air Force Airmen.  I believe we are all here to serve a higher purpose."

MSgt Rudy Ortiz
Military Training Instructor, 326th TRS



"If you want to get the best out of every day for the mission, you have to take it down to the human level.  You have to take it down to the context of the people who are around you."

LtCol Mehgan Doherty
Commander, 326th TRS


"I thought the training was outstanding!  What I really appreciated most is something that I’ve really thirsted for my entire Air Force career which is basically [taking] our really rich heritage and linking it to issues today."

LtCol Erwin Waibel
Commander, 336 RCS


    "Understanding the nuts and bolts behind [the why] and figuring out the what, where I can have more deliberate decisions in commander's calls, or deliberate decisions in conversations or in empowering people."

Maj Ronald Wallace
Commander, 364 TRS/Detachment