Professional Development Program (EHC 301)

 4-Day Workshop


The Professionalism Development Program (PDP) is designed to enable units to organically provide structure utilizing facilitated lessons to meet the need of enhancing professionalism.  PACE provides the framework for you to stand up a five-member core team to deliver facilitated lessons that help people be the best version of themselves.

PDP uses volunteers to facilitate guided discussion on topics that members deal with every day, both personally and professionally. The lessons are intentionally geared to stimulate self-reflection leading to a transformation in behavior. The goal is to produce a better person, which in turn produces better parents, siblings, co-workers and ultimately better interaction with others.  

The most powerful part of this program is its ability to capitalize on volunteers’ expertise and talent from your base and allow them to partner in driving professionalism opportunities throughout. 

There are no rank requirements for attendance, but PACE requests that three members (program advisor, team lead, and facilitator lead) attend during the same class dates. The three members will leave the training with the tools needed to establish an organic training team. Although there are no rank/grade requirements, it is recommended the program adviser has leadership experience, since this role is expected to communicate with senior leaders.  





PACE Led Development Activities

PACE Led Presentations