Enhancing Human Capital 201

Enhancing Human Capital 201  

*This presentation is currently limited to wing and group commander courses

This presentation is the next level of expertise of mastery in the human domain - the Art of Leading Everyone Else. The content is geared to help others to become better people by understanding the dynamics of the human domain in the areas of physical and psychological safety, as well as organizational dynamics such as deviant group behavior and cultural change models. 

An understanding of these topics will provide opportunities for personal and organizational growth. You can expect to hear terms such as "selfish/unselfish chemicals," "willful blindness," "normalized deviance," and "diffusion of innovation," to provoke self-reflection. Ultimately, this presentation aims to enhance the human capital of individuals and the teams they work with. 

Objective:  To gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the human domain:  physical safety, psychological safety, and strengthening our culture to maximize our organizational effectiveness.



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